We build the base for CRYSTALLIZED (TM) Swarovski Elements

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Josef Bergs Components for Swarovski Stones

Josef Bergs Enterprise was founded in 1878 in Gablonz in the Sudetenland and has continuously been a family-run business ever since.

After expulsion from Czechoslovakia our company re-established itself in Neugablonz near Kaufbeuren in Bavaria where we've been producing parts for the Fashion Jewellery Industry for over fifty years.

We manufacture raw metal bases, including settings and sew-on settings for nearly all CRYSTALLIZED™-Swarovski Elements, standard and fantasy cup-chains, necklaces, pendants, bracelets - all in different shapes and sizes and some available with flowers and leaves.

We also produce a great variety of simili-stampings, filigree-stampings and frame stampings for different sizes of glass and plastic stones. In addition, we can supply a large variety of charm stampings such as hearts, animals, fruit, crosses, flowers and leaves, and also stampings with equestrian, hunting, marine, sport and mountaineering themes.

The main material we use is TOMBAC, 85% copper base. We also manufacture caps for Christmas balls according to customer desire with a guarantee of design confidentiality.

As our customer you will benefit from:

  • own tool construction, own engraving department!
  • skilled workers with the highest qualifications, ensuring that our products are of the highest possible quality
  • exclusive in-house production and rigorous quality control
  • a high degree of flexibility and adaptability to customer needs
  • reliability and punctuality, always maintaining the promised delivery times


You are invited to take a closer look to the company´s history:

1878 Foundation of the company in Gablonz, Czechoslowakia.

1925 A new factory building is errected in Gablonz.

1946 Expulsion from Czechoslowakia and foundation of the substitutional city of "Neu-Gablonz", Germany. Company moving to Germany.

1947 Company continues manufacturing at this new location.

1954 Josef Bergs errects a new factory building in Neugablonz.

image: factory building in the year 1950

image: Josef Bergs' company building

1986 An additional wing is added to the company building.

2008 Josef Bergs´company building of today:









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