In good hands – Bergs continue a wide range of the Franz Spitschan metal finding collection

In good hands – Bergs continue a wide range of the Franz Spitschan metal finding collection
Passionate succession - Bergs as guardian of traditional gablonzer metal goods

With the Franz Spitschan metal goods collection, the Josef Bergs company has taken over big parts of another traditional gablonzer metal jewelry collection . In this way, Josef Bergs GmbH und Co. KG secures the know-how and an incomparable spectrum of jewelry and filigree galleries, designs, stamped parts, sleeves and balls, ring bands, bracelets and many other metal jewelry from the company Franz Spitschan.

Broadly positioned with new yard goods, designs, ring bands, stamped parts and much more

The company Josef Bergs has set itself the task of constantly optimizing and further developing its high-quality offer so that you, the customer, always receive the best components from a single source.
We are pleased to be able to offer you further variants of the following articles by taking over the Franz Spitschan collection:

Jewelery galleries and Filigree galleries as cuts or by the meter
These are often used on walking sticks, in the jewelry area for soldering, with furnishings such as furniture, chandeliers and lamps or in model making.

These flat rolled metal strips are available with hundreds of different patterns.

Stamped parts
The punched parts consist of patterned sheet metal, which was then punched out in the desired shape. The possible uses are mainly in the area of fashion jewelry and accessories.

Sleeves and balls
The sleeves and balls serve as end pieces and connecting pieces in the fashion jewelry area.

Ring rails
The ring bands are also required for the production of costume jewelry.