Soldering, Electroplating & Setting of stones


Aside from our large range of settings, stone cups and cup chains, we also offer supplementary services. If you wish we will solder, electroplate or set your ordered products in semi-finished products and pieces of jewelry. All our services are carried out on-site in Kaufbeuren. Working together with local precision mechanics and electroplaters, we create a finished product to meet your requirements. This is the only way for us to ensure that the products are finished to the usual high quality, fast and individually to your customer satisfaction.


Precision mechanics process the raw product to create a finished piece of jewelry. By hand the separate parts are carefully crafted into an individual piece of jewelry. Following your requirements closely, we create, for example, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and brooches. The workmanship takes place in Kaufbeuren, offering a high level of production flexibility, quick processing times and Gablonz premium quality.

Setting of stones

If you wish, we can set our products with stones in our workshop.  Working with our partner company Görlach Besatzschmuck GmbH we have access to a large range of gemstones and strass stones. Alongside famous brands such as Swarovski and Preciosa, Görlach also sells gemstones and textile products in less expensive quality grades. You can take a look at the range on the company’s website Our experienced staff are happy to advise you!


Experienced electroplating technicians use a complex technique to embellish the raw surface of the product to create a high-quality masterpiece. Depending on the intended purpose, we offer a wide range of standard electroplated metals. Depending on the initial product, the nickel-free base material tombak is given, for example, a shiny gold or silver color. If you have an individual wish, we can carry out special electroplating.

Electroplating is carried out locally in Kaufbeuren. Here again we place great value on constant high quality, individual consultation and production, as well as fast order processing.